Last Minute Thoughtful Gifts for Christmas!

Last Minute Thoughtful Gifts for Christmas!

Don't panic, there is still time and we're here to help!
The choice of 'things' out there is overwhelming sometimes especially when a Christmas time pressure is added in; the last thing any of us really want to do is contribute to landfill.
Buying pre-loved, as we know, can be a way forward... we've got lots of pre-loved.

For orders over £40 - we're offering FREE delivery to you by/on Christmas Eve ourselves if the delivery is happening within 10 miles of N8 - North London!

If you live further afield, contact us and we will see what we can do!

There, take a deep breath, we've got you. Here are some ideas
Vintage Pastis Glasses - this box of six are beauties

6 x french pastis glasses, blue text, gold rim

For your someone that likes to take the bus... a Vintage 1962 Bus map of Central London could be the ticket

(The size is 45cm x 57cm, could help you with a frame... or an IOU to sort in the new year)

Curious Mr Smith Vintage Central London Bus route map, 1962

A champagne ice bucket would make a fabulous gift, especially with a bottle of fizz inside - ready for ice - how about this Vintage de Castellane Champagne  one?
(OK, curve ball... this ice bucket + glorious plant = one glamourous window sill)

Curious Mr Smith Vintage de Castellane Champagne Aluminium Ice Bucket

For your people that are doer-uppers/renovators/newly moved in for Christmas - how about some Vintage French Brass Finger plates for doors...?

Curious Mr Smith Vintage French Brass Finger plates for doors

Whether a glass or wine or a non alcoholic beverage is more your/or their thing, this stunning Vintage wooden crate could be fabulous - just add in a few bottles of your beverage of choice and voila...!

Curious Mr Smith Vintage Champagne wooden crate

And a final last minute gift (that no one, except us, would know was last minute) is this stunning 1960's faux bamboo brass plated bar cart/drinks trolley.
Instant glamour, instant cocktails*

Curious Mr Smith 1960s Faux Bamboo brass plated bar cart drinks trolley

*errr, sorry... cocktails not included.

If anything of the above grabs you - please don't hesitate to get in touch, or check other things out on the website - we're here to help - especially in this run up to Christmas!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and sending all best wishes for 2024!

All the best, Simon

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